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    Premiere Elements 8 ALWAYS hitting internet...WHY???


      I have installed Premiere Elements 8 on my home PC in order to help with training & troubleshooting at my work; as soon as this is done I am going to remove this program. At present I have satellite internet & I am limited to how much time/usage I have per 24 hours. I have noticed that Premiere Elements 8 is CONSTANTLY hitting the internet and sucking down my limited access! I have gone to the edit menu & disabled everything I could find on accessing the internet, but it is STILL doing it! What is so damn important that you folks at Adobe think this program needs to access your web site EVERY TIME it is run?! I don’t care about your updates, or sharing anything I may make with this program! So PLEASE tell me what must be turned off in this program to keep it from constantly accessing the network.