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    Dreamweaver and layers

      I seen a webpage at work today that was created using about 20 layers. I thought that was not the correct way to do it i thought tables was the go. The webpage is only targeting IE 6 but it is collapsing when viewed on a 17in monitor but displays ok on a 19inch monitor. Before i say to much at work i just wanted to make sure that this was not the correct way of constructing the web page and is also not the industry standard to building web pages.

      Thanks for your comments.
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          Well there really isnt a right or wrong per se, only whats right or wrong for that site. But, yeah layers are not really a great idea in that quantity. they are absolutely positioned, and this can create display issue. When you say collapsing...can you provide a link to have a look?
          As for tables, they too are fine if used correctly. The way most sites are built these days is DIVs and CSS, using tables for specific placing, not for overall layout.