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    Rendering Problem with PE9


      Hey guys,

      I am new to this forum but have used it a few times and has been helpful although there is a problem i am having that i just cant seem to get around.

      I work in a school and we are currently using Premier Elements 9 for video editing with the kids, the computers are not great computers and some are old and some alot newer they are Lenovo think centers but it doesnt seem to matter which computer we use.

      Once we upload the video footage from our Panisonic HDC-SD900 video camera which is recorded as an AVCHD and edit it then green screen every thing is fine with rendering and we save them as Mpeg's we then re -add the green screened clips into a already made outline project it is fully functional until we render the finished project. we end up with  no sound or a static sort of sound we tried making a new outline and using diffrent formats when editing and saving, after trying to render a couple of times it eventually works but is very frustrating for the staff and kids when what they are doing i think is correct, i thought it may have been VLC player because it looked like once it was rendered it seemed to split the audio and video because it was saving in that players format but tried it on a computer without VLC player and still had problems.

      I am not sure if anyone has any idea what may be going on but if you do please tell me

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Just for clarification, when you say:

          re -add the green screened clips into a already made outline project it is fully functional until we render the finished project.

          do you mean hitting the Enter key to Render for smoothest playback, or do you mean Share/Export? Some people, and some programs use the term "render" for Share/Export, while PrE uses Render to identify the process of creating linked "proxy" files for playback.


          I just want to find out where the Audio goes bad.


          Since you are working with intermediate files here, there are a few possible workflows, that might yield better results.


          One would be to Share/Export the intermediate files from the first level Project, in a lossless CODEC, like Lagarith Lossless, or UT. Both are free, and work very well.


          Another workflow would be to do a separate Share/Export from the first level Project, with one Audio-only file, set to PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit, and one Video-only file (no Multiplexing), in your chosen CODEC. Then, one would Import both of those files into the second-level Project, where you would drag the Video to Video Track 1, set the CTI (Current Time Indicator) to the first Frame (Home key), and with Snap ON, drag the Audio to Audio Track 1, where it should Snap into place, when you get near that CTI.


          A variation on the second workflow would be to rip the Audio from the MPEG with a program like the great, free Audacity, Save it as a PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit, and do the same thing, except that you will either want to Mute the muxed Audio, or Alt+click on it, and Delete it. In the first case, you would drag the PCM/WAV to Audio Track 2, where in the second, Audio Track 1.


          Good luck,




          PS - Adobe programs, like PrE, and PrPro, can have issues with muxed MPEG Audio.

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            Jax.b18c Level 1

            Hey Bill,

            Thanks for getting back to me straight away, and yes i mean Share or Export sorry about that once i have Used the Share as an Mpeg its fine and then added to the outline project which we use every week i still have audio its just after i share or Export that project.

            The project Ends up with 5 Green screen clips that have been Exported as mpegs and then added to the outline which has titles and mp3 audio the project works with all this, But i will try these helpful ways of getting around this sound problem and let you know how it works out


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, thank you for the clarification. That was what I thought you were referring to.


              What are the full Share/Export settings used?


              Are they the same for your intermediate files, as for the final?


              Also, and as a test, since things are working in the second-level Project, Share/Export JUST a PCM/WAV of that Project's Timeline. Set that to 48KHz 16-bit, and then test it. You can save some time by limiting that Share/Export with the WAB (Work Area Bar), if it's long. All we are trying to determine here is if PrE can Share/Export the Audio from that Timeline, and the PCM/WAV is about as good (and simple), as it gets.


              Good luck, and let us know how the test goes, please.