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    New Extendscript blog

    Arnis Gubins Ninja

      FYI, Debra Herman has started a blog called "Extending FrameMaker" discussing the use of Extendscript in FM10. General interest stuff.


      See: http://extendingframemaker.blogspot.com/

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          Arnis Gubins Ninja

          Debra's topics to date (newest first):


          Cut, Copy, Paste

          Selecting Text

          Error Code When Deleting a Range and Some Buggy Be...

          Deleting a Text Range

          Adding Text at a Location in Text

          Calculating Offsets

          Working with Text

          Error codes: when are they actually set?

          Debugging with Error Codes

          Ungrouping graphics

          Grouping Graphics

          Import by Reference

          A Peculiar Fact about Frame Graphic Object Propert...

          Counting Insets

          Where's the text?

          Updating a Paragraph Format

          Working with Paragraph Formats

          Getting and Setting a Paragraph Property

          Counting Paragraphs in the Main Flow

          Counting Paragraphs in a Document

          Paragraphs, Ordered and Unordered

          Hooking up the Toolkit

          The Active Document

          Getting Ready to Use FrameMaker with the ESTK

          Hello Again

          Running a (Very Simple) Script

          Document Architecture

          Easier to Code? Easy to Code?

          There's a New Scripting Tool in the Box

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            Arnis Gubins Ninja

            Here's what Debra's covered in November:


            Determining an Object's Page

            Determining an Object's Type

            Working with Selections

            Things that Reside in Text Frames

            Graphics and their FrameParent

            The Page Frame

            Navigating by Page

            Working with the Current Page

            Page Types

            Creating a Variable

            Creating an Index Marker

            Creating a New Paragraph

            Updating Paragraph Format Properties Using Propert...

            Creating a new Paragraph Format

            Deallocating Text Items

            Applying Character Format to Manually Tagged Text

            Viewing Text Items

            A very important FDK include file

            Preventing Fireworks

            Cut, Copy, Paste

            Selecting Text

            Error Code When Deleting a Range and Some Buggy Be...

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              Arnis Gubins Ninja

              Debra covered Tables and started working with Elements in her December blogs:


              Preorder Element Tree Traversal

              Determing What Element is Selected (Part 2)

              Determining What Element is Selected (Part 1)

              Getting an Element's Definition Name

              Determining if a Document is Structured

              Structured FrameMaker: The Big Picture

              Making a Selection in a Table

              Unstraddling Table Cells

              Straddling Table Cells

              Getting Table Cells Column by Column

              Getting Table Cells Row by Row

              Adding Columns to a Table

              Adding Rows to a Table

              Creating a Table


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                Arnis Gubins Ninja

                Debra finished off working with elements and then started looking at saving documents, creating markers and aspects of text items in hr January blogs:


                Text Item and Line Ends

                Customizing a Save Operation

                Creating a Marker (Correction to previous post)

                Saving a document without user interaction

                Saving a document with user interaction

                Rearranging the Tree of Elements

                Text Nodes

                Element Navigation Schematic

                Getting Attribute Names

                Getting an Element's Text

                Collapsing Elements in the Structure View