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    AIR 3.0 & rendermode

    greengnu Level 1

      If I try to run my AIR 2.0 app (which is configured to use gpu mode in the app descriptor and which opens a new NativeWindow) under the AIR 3.0 SDK, I automatically get a


      Error: Error #1508: The value specified for argument renderMode is invalid.

                at flash.display::NativeWindow/_init()

                at flash.display::NativeWindow()

                at Main()


      which I think is somehow related to http://forums.adobe.com/community/air/development/desktop?view=discussions


      Apparently, if i have my app descriptor set to gpu mode I'm required to set NativeWindowInitOptions.renderMode = "gpu" for it to work under the AIR 3.0 runtime. But NativeWindowInitOptions.renderMode does not exist in AIR 2.x



      does it mean that any AIR 2.x application that uses gpu rendering and opens a new NativeWindow won't work under AIR 3.0?