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    loadWSDL and HTTP 401 on AIR/Windows




      I have a little problem on a software i'm working on: we are developing a Flex/AIR client.

      For now, we're focused on the AIR version. This client sends requests to webservices deployed on a JBoss and protected by JAAS, simple basic auth.


      This works fine: the client can't access the webservices without correct credentials, but here is the problem: when the credentials are wrong, i got a popup prompt to retype the credential.

      This one is out of the application, coming from windows (the title is Windows Security and this is the same thing i get in Internet Explorer), and kind of ugly.

      This only happens on the loadWSDL call (which is the first access to the server), despite this method is called on a Webservice object, this seems to be actually a HTTPService and i cannot catch the error with a listener on Webservice object.


      What i would like to get is to catch the HTTP 401 return and display a nice flex popup, and not to get the IE ugly one.


      Does someone have already encountered this problem or does someone have a little clue about how to deal with it?


      Thank you very much by advance,