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    still cant upload onto vimeo

    cory moon

      I am running elements 9.0 and I am trying to convert my video that I have made so I can upload it to vimeo to upload it to my website but after changing the settings to make it work as a quick time video, vimeo is saying it is to large. once I am done editing my video I hit share tab, then computer tab, then select QuickTime.from their I select the preset NTSC DV and then hit the advanced tab and select the video tab to adjust the setting to these.


      video codec; H .264

      quality 100%

      I couldn't choose 1280 width X 720 hight because it wouldn't let me so i choose 1280 width X 853 hight

      frame rate: 29.97

      field type : progressive

      aspect: square pixels (1.0)

      limited date rate checked and set to : 8000 kbps

      audio tab

      audio codec : ACC

      sample rate set to :44100Hz


      I checked the file size once I had tried to upload this QuickTime preset and it said it was 820,503KB and the original video that I had edited was only 586KB. Is there something that I did wrong and is QuickTime the best preset to use? I was talking to my web designer and he said that QuickTime would be one of the largest file's and to see if I could change it to MPEG ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! I can upload my video to youtube and send it to my friends but to be able to upload it to my website I have to be able to upload it to vimeo. So uploading it to vimeo is the most important step that I have to get down.think you for all your help

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The two main factors, that determine an AV file's size are: Duration and Bit-Rate.


          Obviously, your Duration is set by however long your Timeline runs for, and the Bit-Rate is either set in Bytes-per-second, or in some cases by a Quality slider. In your case, the Quality is set at 100%, so the Bit-Rate will be as high, as it can be for that format.


          Also, some CODEC's, allow for greater perceptual quality, at lower Bit-Rates. H.264 is one of those. DivX is another.


          The reason that a file will be larger, upon Export, than the input media, is because of a difference in the Bit-Rate, and/or the CODEC used.


          To reduce the file's size, experiment with the Quality slider in the case of this format. Look closely at the quality, and when you have reduced the Bit-Rate to the point, where you see degradation, turn it up slightly. That will be about as small a file, as you can get, with adequate quality.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You used our recommend YouTube settings for creating a quality video. Which is good.


            However, your video is apparently longer than will allow you to post at that quality.


            The easiest way to reduce the file size would be to use 855x480 as your frame size. That should make a BIG difference alone and may be enough to create smaller file.

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              cory moon Level 1

              I tried changing it to855x480 with the same presets as discussed in the original post but it made the file larger this time 950.200KB. at the end of the settings when I'm down by the audio tab it tells me how big the file is 801MB has been the average. but when I adjust the limited data rate from 8000 to 1000 the file size goes from 801 to 100MB is this something I should consider or should I try some other type of format to upload to vimeo

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                The Duration and the Bit-Rates will still be the "big 2," so I would experiment with Bit-Rate.


                As I mentioned, some CODEC's allow for better preceptual qualtiy at lower Bit-Rates, than some others, but I am not sure that Vimeo will accept some of them, like DivX, which is a good, streaming media CODEC, but cannot be edited easily. The issue with many of those, and DivX is one, is that the viewer/client will need to download and install the CODEC, and that can be a turn-off to many.


                Good luck,



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Speaking of duration, how long his your video, Cory? An 800 meg file seems unusually large for an upload!


                  Most online videos are posted in 10-minute or so segments.

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                    cory moon Level 1

                    the video is 14min long