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    Importing a custom component from Flash Catalyst with Assets


      I am experimenting with Flash Catalyst to see if it would work well for us to create components for Flash Builder to use. As a test I created a very simple component with a Pie Chart and a button and exported it as a fxpl file. In Flash Builder I created a Flex library project and imported the component to it. When I tried to use the component in a trivial test app it gave me an error, saying 'Could not resolve <graphics:fc_pie> to a component implementation', presumably because it had not put the component files in the right place of the library tree - by default they were put in a folder at the same level as components but with the name of the component, below which it had a components folder and an assets folder. If I move the files in these folders to the corresponding folders under src then it works fine.


      The question is, how do I get Flash Builder to do this correctly? I assume I'm missing something obvious but I am a real Flash Builder Novice and this process is about evaluating which tools to use. Sorry if I'm being a numpty. I'm using Flash builder 4.5 and Flash Catalyst CS5.5.


      Any help much appreciated.