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    SAXException submitting to Web Service, but works fine in "Test" button in dialog

    JackFreudenheim Level 1

      I have an external web service to call from LC, and I know it works with a sample XML file I was given. When I exercise that xml in the Test area of the WebService Settings dialog for the Invoke Web Service activity in my LC process, it works perfectly.


      But when I actually invoke the process, I get this error back from the service's server:



        <faultstring>org.xml.sax.SAXException: WSWS3084E: Error: SimpleDeserializer encountered a child element, which is NOT expected, in something it was trying to deserialize.</faultstring>


      I put WireShark on the LC dev server I'm using, and was able to observe that when the Test button calls the web service, the Protocol is marked as HTTP/XML. When I run it through my process using the exact same xml as the test is using, it reports just HTTP, not HTTP/XML. That's the only clue I can find as to what's different about the 2 calls, one succeeding, the other failing.


      Has anyone seen anything like this and have a solution? I'm unable to invoke this web service. Note that other calls to the same server work fine, with identical settings and similar operations.