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    Placing a multiple page pdf over multiple pages in indesign


      Ok so I do alot of "print presentations," when designing books or manuals etc

      I have to place the spreads of the document into their own A3 pages in another indesign file

      So I make a pdf with all the spreads I need.

      Then I place the pdf and with import options say all pages.

      But now I still have to click on each page where I would like to have the spread


      How can I take lets say a 74 spread pdf and place it so that all the spreads go onto their own page all on the same spot?

      Is it possible or do I have to place them all on their own?


      Also how do I apply the same effect to all these pages, lets say a drop shadow and a stroke?


      Please help, because this is very time consuming and deadlines don't wait.


      Thank you