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    Animated content always in foreground. Indesign CS 5.5


      Hey, i got a huge problem.


      I am working on an ipad publication, viewing in adobe's content viewer for ipad. i have a lot of interaction going on in there. For example, if i wanna put a video file in one of my documents, or a scrollable content, or a slideshow, it's working like it should. BUT, as soon as i put another object in the foreground, like a button, on it - this button (object) is jumping in the background, behind the interactive content. Imagine a simple slideshow, with 3 buttons on it. as soon as i touch the buttons (using in content viewer) they immidiately jump behind the slideshow and you cannot see them anymore. what can i do? do i have to set the buttons, to force them in the forground? If yes -HOW? I've seen in the wired magazine for ipad, which is made with indesign, a video, which has object laying over, and whan you press play, the objects keep staying in the foreground and dont jump back. so its working - but how did they do that?