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      We need to be able to present formatted documents such as reports, pick sheets, etc within a Flex app for a user to preview and print. But it seems there isn't really a way to design a template and then fill it with dynamic data like you can for Crystal Reports.

      As a second choice we would probably be happy to dynamically generate a PDF and have it rendered in a TitleWindow in the Flex app. But again that doesn't seem to be available.

      The only way we can see of getting anything close to a proper report is to use our own code to generate a PDF, save the file in a temporary location, open another browser instance at the client and point it at the temporary PDF file. The user now has two browser windows, and whilst that's not all bad, we would really have expected Flex as a RIA platform to have supported this stuff.

      So two questions:

      1. Is there a way of writing a template that can be dynamically filled in with data, including sorting, grouping, headings etc and presented in a Flex app?
      2. Is there anything planned for a future release that will provide this functionality? For example, it might be an idea to have a control that loads a COM control on the client machine. We could then load up Adobe Acrobat and send a PDF data stream to it....

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          peterent Level 2
          1. Get yourself a copy of Adobe FlashPaper - it is a print driver that creates SWFs which you can then load into a Flex application using SWFLoader. Within the FlashPaper interface as zoom, scroll, and print buttons. You can also allow the user to save the document as a PDF.

          2. Our project Apollo is looking into making this more seamless. No dates announced.