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    Why are my identically coloured opaque images printing different colours? Is it a transparency issue


      I have an object that is a plain white logo with a grey background - the file is a flattened psd file and has only the one layer.

      when i place the logo into InDesign (CS5) onto a plain grey (the same colour as in the logo) background and print this simple combination, the grey background on the logo is a funny colour compared to that on the document background. they have the exact same RGB reference! they only appear different colours when printed; on screen they look great.


      i thought that this was an issue with transparency and have tried playing around with having a transparent logo with no background and various transparancy flattener settings but nothings fixing the problem. the only thing that i managed to achieve was to make all of the grey one colour, but the funny coloured grey i was seeing just in the logo background!


      when i go to window-output and check the flattener preview, i can see that i have no transparent objects whatsoever in my document.

      any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated - its driving me MAD!