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    Adobe Reader X (10.1.1) print dialog freezes

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      We recently pushed out Reader 10.1.1 to our agency staff. Some people have reported that the Print dialog box or the Print Properties dialog box freezes for 30-60 seconds before they can click any buttons on it. After that it seems fine.


      We're on Win7 SP1 and WinXP SP3, and just upgraded from Reader 9.4.2 to 10.1.1. Most of our printers are Xerox Document Centre 5600 series and 7345, with a few older HP and Lexmark models. We currently use device specific PS drivers.


      Does anyone have any ideas about this? Why would the dialog box freeze? I read something from a Google search about Reader searching all printers, not just the default printer, and hanging on any non-existent printers. http://gtech-kiwi.blogspot.com/2009/06/adobe-reader-print-dialog-display-slow.html As far as I know, the people who had the issue did not have any printers listed that no longer exist.




      E Powell

      Austin, TX

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          I'm tracking an issue which resembles Mr. Powell's report.  Below are the symptoms I have recorded and the workaround I have discovered.


          Symptom: when attempting to change print properties using Acrobat Reader print dialog the printer properties dialog becomes unresponsive to mouse clicks for a long time, an extended period of time, an indefinite length of time, my patience expired after 3 minutes.  Unresponsive means that the user cannot print: in particular clicking the cancel and OK buttons on the dialog have no effect.  Windows does not report the application as "not responding".  The print properties dialog appears to be hung.  The symptom is not observed every time the print dialog is invoked.  The symptom has been observed when attempting to print a PDF from the Reader application or attempting to print a PDF that is open in IE.


          Affected versions:


          The symptom was first observed when deploying implementing Reader 10.1.2.  Reader 10.1.3 does not resolve the issue.  We migrated our environment from 9.X to Reader 10.1.2.  The issue was not observed with the 9.X or earlier series.  I have not tested with 10.1.1.  The symptoms are not observed with other applications.



          My environment includes a Xerox WorkCentre 7675 and a Xerox WorkCentre 5675, one HP and a few Brother printers.  So far the issue has only been reported in relation to the Xerox printers.

          The printers in our environment have not changed.  What changed was the Adobe Reader version.

          Symptom observed on Win XP SP3 and Win 7 SP1 64bit.



          To wake up the print properties dialog invoked from the Adobe Reader print dialog the following seem to do the trick:


          1. Change focus to a different application and switch back to Adobe Reader.  For example, click the Start Menu and then click on the print dialog or use Alt-Tab.
          2. Use the keyboard.  1a) Use the tab key to navigate the dialog.  1b) Press Alt-P to open the properties dialog.



          Mr. Powell,

          Have you resolved the issue you reported above?  Are the workarounds I mentioned above effective for you?