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    CS5.5 Student/Teacher Serial Numbers--Premiere/AfterEffects CS4?

    Mountain Boomer

      I recently bought CS5.5 Master Collection, Student and Teacher Licensing.  I was able to input the required information on the web site to get the serial numbers.  The resulting screen gave three:  Master Collection, Premiere Pro, and AfterEffects. 


      I'm not quite sure my current computer has a graphics capability to accommodate the CS5.5 versions of either and I would like to install the CS4 versions (I'm away from home, and my home desktop is DEFINITELY not up to snuff; I plan on upgrading that machine to be compatible as it is also my only RAID setup).  My question is:  are the serial numbers provided via the website for the CS4 versions of Premiere Pro and AfterEffects, or are those required to install the CS5.5 versions (i.e. those two programs require separate serial-number input from the remainder of CS5.5)?  I know previous threads in the forums deal with a 32-bit support kit, but my current computer is running Win7 64-bit--I am just unsure of the graphics capability; had to buy this laptop in a pinch when my previous one unexpectedly died a few weeks ago.


      I haven't installed anything yet; waiting to make sure I understand what serials go to which versions before jumping in and potentially messing up the install.  I currently run CS3 and plan on fully uninstalling before starting the CS5.5 install.