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    Sanyo Zio (Android 2.21) NOT Supported !!!!!


      I keep checking Android Marketplace (The last time just a few minutes ago) & I keep running into the now-all-too familiar [b]THIS APP IS INCOMPATIBLE[/b] error message.  Why is this?


      For something that SHOULD COME STANDARD STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX like a web browser, you're sure making it hard for us [b]ORDINARY PEOPLE[/b]


      I hope I needn't remind you that [b]WHEN COMPANIES FIGHT - CONSUMERS LOSE[/b] !!!!!  And we [b]DO NOT[/b] like losing !!!!!


      FIX THIS !!!!!  I have apps (UStream & Justin TV) that DEPEND on my having Flash on my phone in order to enjoy them properly !!!!!  In the meantime, I shall endeavour to maintain enough storage space to install it once it DOES become compatible so I can download it




      Pat Cook

      AVERAGE ORDINARY END USER (This means I'm NOT a corporate customer)

      Englewood, CO