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    Adobe Ultra (Virtual Sets)

    Toomany3 Level 1

      Hopefully you guys don't shoot me for posting this here, but since all's that's left of Adobe Ultra is sitting in Premiere, I figured this is as close as it will get.


      Hoping some of you legacy people can help me.  I need to resurrect my CS3 to bring back Ultra for some virual sets for a hokey kids' show.  I dusted off my CS3 discs and looked for Ultra, but couldn't find it in the list of programs to install.   So I installed all of them one by one hoping AE or PP would have Ultra... well, now I have all of CS3 installed, but NO ULTRA.

      Do any of you remember if that was on a separate disk than the CS3 DVDs? 


      I would have posted it in the Ultra CS3 forum (if it existed), but I figure even if it DID exist, it's probably not getting a whole lot of traffic these days.