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    Triggering external exe/app minimized (or window focus/depth/order control) in AIR?

    kid electric Level 1

      I'm wrapping up a big flex/AIR app and very excited about it, but there's one thing that's bugging me:  in the program I need to repeatedly open and run external files (speech recognition scripts) but when I do so, the window for that executable pops up briefly before minimizing...


      The program is functional, but sure seems distracting and not too classy to see these windows briefly pop up and disappear.... is there any good way to either:


      a) Force the executable to start completely hidden/behind the scenes (ie. not minimize on load, but stay hidden/minimized all along)

      b) If not, is there a way I can control the window z-depth/ordering/layering/focus so that I can keep the AIR window floated to the top at all times (thus hiding those other windows that briefly pop up)?





      PS. This is specifically running in Windows (because that's what my speech recognition engine works with)