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    Ann: New InDesign Automation Plug-ins

    sabrinagelbart Level 1

      The Fuga plug-ins allow you to automate almost any InDesign workflow, without any programming. With Fuga you can create everything from variable data printing documents to advanced grids to complex documents like calendars and catalogs.


      Fuga is perfect for data merge type projects that you need more control over, and is a much simpler, faster, and more flexible alternative to scripting.


      Currently we're offering a test user program and live demos/QA sessions, if you're interested in either one post here or e-mail me at sabrina.gelbart@fuga-tech.com. Test users will receive three months of Fuga free and additional training and support in exchange for letting us know how they're using Fuga.


      More about the plug-ins:


      • Fuga is Free to download and test out for long as you'd like, no commitments, no hassle, and you get $50 in pages free when you create an account.
      • Fuga is pay as you print, each normal page is $3.00, each VDP project costs between $3.00 (for up to 1000 pages) to $16.50 (for unlimited pages). See our FAQ to learn if your project is considered VDP or not.
      • Work with our pre-created workflows, which you can customize and use in your own projects.
      • Lean to use Fuga through our video tutorials and online resources, more of which are in the works.
      • Templates can be reused, and the look and feel of documents can be changed easily.
      • Workflows (AKA Fuga Flows) can include:
        • Conditionals - choose from a large variety options like "if object is overset," "if any object selected," "if text contains" and many more.
        • Text manipulation - format text and tables from within a Flow.
        • Dynamic InDesign styles - apply different InDesign styles if certain conditions are met.
        • Layout Management - advanced control over position, size, margins, layering, and pages.
        • And much, much more.
      • Works with InDesign CS4, CS5, and CS5.5.
      • Fuga also introduces a new Versioning system to InDesign, and a new way of managing grouped objects.


      To download the plug-ins and more, go to http://www.fuga-tech.com.