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    Flex 4 QTP Add In - Nested Flex Component Disabled by Automation Library


      QTP Version 10

      QTP Flex 4 AddIn

      Automation Library: Compiled


      We have the latest QTP flex add-in installed on both QTP and the application being tested (a flex application).


      The QTP flex plugin is working fine on pages where the flex code is built as only one component within a module.


      However, when the automation libraries are compiled to the page where there is a component within a component (aka a Nested Component), the child component is disabled by the automation library. The parent component works fine with full functionality and QTP recognizes the component's objects. Meanwhile, the child or sub component functionality is completely shut off for some reason and QTP cannot recognize any objects within it.




      Do I need to deploy all flex code as one component as opposed to a component within a component?


      Are there was to help QTP interact with a nested component?




      Any help would be appreciated!