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    Finding topics w/o a Topic-Level Conditional Build Tag?

    JaredHess Level 1

      Hi RoboHelpers,


      I have a single help project that is used to document three related help files (for three related products).

      I use three product names in my conditional build tags when I generate the helps.


      As such, most topics need to be assigned to one of the three projects using the topic-level build tags (unless they're shared, then I use topic level).


      I need to get a list of topics that are not assigned to any topic-level conditional build tag so I can make sure newly created topics end up to the correct

      help output.


      I can use the conditional build tag report to get those that ARE assigned. Is there a way to get those that are NOT assigned?


      Thanks in advance folks!


      Jared Hess

      Using RH 9

      Win 7