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    AdobeTV.com Shows MBPro Playing 8 Layers With No Rendering

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      I'm thinking of getting the Z68 motherboard with an i7 2600K with 16GB RAM and not getting a GPU at all for now and just using the onboard HD3000 graphics and letting Premiere use the Software Only MPE setting.  At AbobeTV.com, this video shows a new Macbook Pro 17 inch with an AMD Radeon HD 6750M, 8GB RAM, and a Core i7-2820QM 2.3 GHz Quad-Core. He shows how playing back a 6-layer and an 8-layer sequence in full resolution with no lagging is no problem.  He also plays back a 5D sequence with color correction applied in full resolution. 


      I plan on only doing HDV footage with light effects here and there and some minor re-sizing. 


      My questions:


      1. I'm wondering if not having a card at all and just using the Software Only MPE mode would have any problem playing back something as minor as HDV.  I was going to get the GTX 570, but I figure for now, save the $330 and if I do more complex stuff in the future, then get a card at that time.


      2. I'm wondering if I'd be better off with the Z68, which uses the HD3000 onboard graphics of the 2600K, or just get the P67, which doesn't have the onboard graphics?  Would the P67 allow MPE Software Only to access the 2600K as well as the Z68?


      3. Is Premiere Pro using the Macbook Pro's Radeon card at all?  Or as far as Premiere is concerned, the Macbook Pro has no GPU whatsoever?  If this is the case, for people like me, why not save the $330 and wait to see if I'll ever need a GPU?


      4. Does exporting with either Adobe Media Encoder or PPro use the GPU?


      5. After Effects doesn't  use the GPU at all, is that correct? 


      6. Would Photoshop work without a GPU to do simple things like resizing, etc.?

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          You have not mentioned what version of Premiere.

          1. I did all my HDV editing in Premiere Pro 4 without of course MPE.  I think you will be able to get along with simple HDV editing without MPE Hardware Acceleration, but you may have to render the Timeline in some cases.
          2. I love my Z68 (1st place in Sandy Bridge PPBM5 scores with CS5.5) and of course I have just simply turned off the HD3000.  Either board will support MPE software and there will be no difference as the CPU powered MPE will be identical
          3. You have a slightly wrong conception of a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).  If you want to see the screen you need a GPU.  If you want the GPU to be used for other than displaying the screen like for MPE hardware acceleration then you need a CUDA card.  The on-chip HD3000 is a GPU on the i7-2600K chip but it is not CUDA based
          4. Yes both use the MPE hardware acceleration of CUDA based cards. CS5.5 does use do much more processing in the CUDA based GPU if it is available than CS5 did.
          5. .After effects does not currently use any CUDA acceleration. From Adobe on GPU support for Affter Effects: "On both Mac OS X and Windows®, display card drivers that support OpenGL 2.0 or later are required to take advantage of OpenGL support in After Effects."
          6. Photoshop requires a GPU with the same OpenGL as After Effects.  There is no benefit from a CUDA based Graphics Processing Unit
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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            See this video for details of what Premiere Pro does with the GPU:



            This article goes into more detail than that video.


            > After Effects doesn't  use the GPU at all, is that correct?

            See this video for details of what After Effects does with the GPU: