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    Video card playback & separate audio device playback

    Ze Merv

      I am attempting to make the switch from FCP.  In FCP I had external video playing back through my Blckmagic card and audio through my Pro Fire 610 simultaneously.

      In PP I found I need to create a Blackmagic sequence to get video playback through the card (playback in PP player is jittery because of footage native codec not being Blackmagic!  Bummer.  System is CUDA accelerated.)

      The biggest problem with this set-up is that I can't get audio playback through my Pro Fire 610 at the same time video is being played back through the Blackmagic card.

      There is nowhere that allows me to separate the audio output for the Blackmagic setting.  This makes client playback pretty lackluster. 

      I have a great speaker system in my bay but at the moment I can't utilize my external HD monitor and speaker system at the same time like I could in FCP.

      Please tell me if there is something I am missing in the settings oor if this is a current shortcoming of PP.