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    Pixelated images (with High Quality Display turned on)


      Here's my problem: The images look sharp on the internet, but when I download them, place them in Indesign and print them, the look pixelated!



      Take this one for example: http://media.smashingmagazine.com/images/typefaces/productus.gif


      It's resolution is 72 ppi. But when I place it onto the Indesign A4 page (or Letter format for that matter) it occupys almost entire width of the page.


      Why is it so? Why is it so big by default without enlarging it? It's kinda logic that a small 72 ppi image stretched across the whole page will appear blurry when printed on 300 dpi printer.



      So how can I set the indesign page to 300 ppi/dpi so images with lower restion will appear smaller when placed on the page and - will be printed sharp?