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    Pagemaker 7 - XP - Screen problems


      I am running PageMaker 7.0 English version on a PC (XP SP 3) English version.

      My monitor is a Mirai 22" with 1680x1050 resolution, 32 bit color.


      A few months ago I produced a small book without problems, but today I am getting problems with my monitor and PageMaker.

      I can't get the document to fill the entire window.

      The right scrollbar shows occasionally. I get gray borders around the work space and sometimes I can't show more than approx 25% of the page even if I zoom to fit in window.


      I know PM 7 is outdated, but I have to produce a book with over 400 pages and I don't feel comfortable with InDesign yet to get the job done within the limited time I have to do the job.


      Please, help me with this one.



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          ReneGnam Level 1

          PM7 works just fine on XP SP3, but if you suspect the problem is with your monitor, reset it temporarily until you finish editing the book to a lower resolution..If that doesn't work, try exporting it to a PDF. If direct PDF doesn't work, You may have to save it as a PRN file, then load it in Distiller and process it to a PDF.


          Once you have the book as a PDF, here are two solutions:


          1. Edit the PDF in Corel Fusion.


          2. Open a new publication in Serif Page Plus5, and insert the PDF. You will now be able to edit every word, change colors and fonts, resize and edit graphics and much more. Serif's PP5 is on sale right now for less than the cost of good steak dinner for two. It's a dynamite program. No, I don't work for them...but...the process I've just described has saved hundreds of my old P65 and PM7 pubs.


          Good luck. You can Google me -- Rene Gnam -- if you want to discuss by e-mail.

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            olledahl Level 1

            The strange thing is that it worked for me earlier to show the working space without gray margins.


            When I run PageMaker 6.5 it works perfectly, so I guess there must be something wrong with version 7.0.


            I have reinstalled 7.0, but the problem persists.


            Anyone else that can help me?

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              Jay Chevako Level 3

              Dropping the resolution on your monitor might work, but editing a pdf in corel / Serif page plus, seriously?


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                ReneGnam Level 1

                If he already has the book in PM, the PDF of it can be edited in Corel FUSION, not Corel DRAW. Did you read what I typed?


                Also, I have successfully edited beacoup PM PDF files in Serif PagePlus5. Until you try it, Jay, you have no idea of how easy it is. Even for you. All you do is click on "insert PDF" and follow the prompts to decide if you want to insert a single page or many, on the current document page or starting on a new page, with all elements in the PDF grouped or ungrouped. Bingo, there it is.


                You can switch fonts or resize them. Edit and expand or condense text. Enlarge, reduce, or replace photos and other graphics. Change colors or color tints. Anything.


                I've done it often on XP and Win-7 machines. No problems. You should try it, Jay...might brighten your life.

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                  Jay Chevako Level 3

                  Yes I read what you wrote, and noted that other than the suggestion to lower resolution on the monitor, it had nothing to do with the Olledahl's problem. He wants to create a new book, so editing a pdf is hardly relevant, unless you suggest that he start his book in pagemaker, make a pdf and then edit it in corel / Serif page plus. Please note that I didn't say Corel Draw.


                  Olledal as I stated in a post a few days ago "They stopped developing pagemaker way over a decade ago. I wouldn't imagine that they had even conceived of a 16:9 monitor back then. But that is an educated guess."

                  Try different resolutions and color quality settings to see if they have any effect.  Stick with your new copy of Indesign, once you get comfortable with it you will find that you can produce a book faster than you can in pagemaker.