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    Swf text formatting error, possible swz import issue.

    Online Learning OC

      Hello all-


      I'm experiencing problems with text formatting while importing an animatic that I've created in Flash.


      For reasons unknown to me, Flash seems to be publishing an swz file along with my swf named 'textLayout'. Its' evident to me that this file is causing my problems- there are no errors when I view my .swf externally, yet as soon as I import it to Captivate all text formatting is absent.




      Wondering if anyone has some suggestions. I can't seem to import this .swz info into Captivate, and experimenting with a range of alternate formatting approaches within Flash (ie- use of graphics and movie clips to lodge text), is still returning this problem.


      I'm using Flash 5.5, AS3, Captivate 5.5, Windows 7 platform.