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    How to import FXP in a FB library (FXP made by Flash Catalyst)


      I've followed the information (given here http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flashcatalyst/cs/using/WS022ac6da934778d0-8b403d512ea24bcabf-8 000.html) to attempt to build a test project with flash builder and flash catalyst (for Adobe AIR).


      So now I have two projects, one for the core (test project) and one for the interfaces. I have created a button in Flash Catalyst and it's saved as an FXP file.

      However, when I try to import that file, it creates automatically a complete project with the FXP file... but it's kind of useless, I want it to be placed in my library.


      How to do so?
      I'm really newbie with FB and FC, I'm a .Net web developper so what I would like to do (and is it possible to do so? or what do I have to really do in FB/FC)?

      My goal would be to get all my UI in a library and try to place them in my main project and interact with them.


      I've searched accross the web, I've seen in some videos that a project contains a lot of mxml UI interfaces so that's what I'm trying to reproduce.


      For the moment I only seem to be able to get a UI in Flash Catalyst (which is pretty easy to use at first sight), but I'm getting some more troubles with Flash Builder since it attempts to create a project for each and everyone of the FXP that I want to import.


      What can I do?


      A little help or any link about that situation would be really appreciated.


      Thank you very much.