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    Adobe Reader X (10.1.1) Invalid plugin detected. Adobe Reader will quit.


      Okay folks,


      This is my second time in this forum with the same problem RE:


      My system is a Windows 7 with 64Bits with the "Free" downloaded Adobe Reader X (10.1.1)(I also use IE 9)


      When trying to open a .pdf I get the following: "Invalid plugin detected. Adobe Reader will quit". Then the .pdf file is closed.


      I'm 64 years old and have been using computer for over 35 years, so I have some experience with them, although I am not an expert.

      This should not be rocket science for Adobe to to put a fix online for users to correct this issue.


      Once again, I will pay a reasonable fee to a Adobe support agent for a fix but this started when I upgraded to Windows 7 w/64Bits OS.


      Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Gerald Barbur