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    AIR 3 Extensions for iOS


      Well not so much to go on for iOS part...


      I got now a .ane file and everything should work well but Flash Builder notifies me that the .ane file is not signed....

      So i googled  how to sign the extension but there is absolutely nothing...


      Anyone have any kind of idea or know where to point me ?

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          The requirement to sign ANEs was dropped from the final release. The beta Flash Builder release hasn't picked up the change, though. You can sign ANE files using ADT with the -sign option. ADT -help will show the options. Here's an example:


          adt -sign -storetype pkcs12 -keystore ../AndroidCert.p12 -storepass #### -target ane DataExchange.ane DataExchangeSigned.ane


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            DanelKirch Level 1

            Does this mean that i can check Flash builder for to ignore errors when compiling IPA with extension, or does the extension it still have to be signed  fo compiler to work properly ?


            If you have dropped this requirement how will the update be available will Adobe Updater notify or will there be a final release for download ?

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              DanelKirch Level 1

              One more thing tho,


              i dont get any errors but it complains about something, im running following commands:


              /Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\ 4.5/sdks/4.5.2/bin/adt -sign -storetype pkcs12 -keystore /Users/danne/Dropbox/Mobiles/iOS/FlashCert.p12 -storepass #pass# -target ane PopoverExtension.ane PopoverExtension_s.ane


              And the result is:

              Unable to build a valid certificate chain for the signer.


              Any idea why adt gives me that ?

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                Joe ... Ward Level 4

                I'm not sure whether Flash Builder will let you ignore the issue.


                The change is already in the released version of the AIR 3 SDK and runtime. The error you are seeing is from Flash Builder.


                That error message means that the ADT tool couldn't find the certificate that was used by the issuer to sign your code signing cert. You are probably running into one of the issues that lead us to drop the signing requirement in the first place. You could try a self-signed cert generated bu Flash Builder. But if that doesn't work, you might have to package your app using the adt utiltity from the command line.

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                  DanelKirch Level 1

                  So FB 4.5 (4.6) with 4.5.2 SDK is the old one and contains the ane signing option ? Basicaly i could download latest SDK and replace ADT  and it should work with not signed ane files?


                  Im jsut checking before im doing anything stupid

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                    Joe ... Ward Level 4

                    I think Flash Builder is checking whether the ANE file is signed or not independently of the ADT tool, so updating the SDK won't get rid of the error. Updating to the release version of the AIR SDK isn't a bad idea in any case, but I don't think it fixes this problem.

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                      DanelKirch Level 1

                      Hm... i think im not clear in my question.


                      What im seeking answer to is that, since im in prerelease i downloaded FB from there, you also stated "beta" in earlier post so my question would be if FB in prerelease is in Beta state and if so, where or when will the official FB be released. As i understand the  official release will not require ANE files to be signed for iOS platforms ?

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                        Joe ... Ward Level 4

                        I can't comment on release dates. That would be a question to ask on the prerelease forum. The official release of Flash Builder should not require signed ANE files for any platform.