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    Quick noob question


      Long time AI + PS user and have been using Proshow Gold to make slideshow dvds for our photography but am absolutely fed up with the freezes and crashes.


      Will Premeire Elements copyrite-protect my our photos like Proshow did? ie: prevent our customers from pulling digital files from the DVD we provide?


      I looked in the over-view and tech-specs but couldn't find anything that specified yea or nea.




      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements can not provide copy protection for any of your videos or DVDs. Sorry.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Just as FYI


            Adobe Encore (bundled with Premiere Pro) allows you to set a copy protection flag IF you are creating the special file format to send your work to a replication house, where they create a "glass master" and "press" discs instead of the laser burning you do on your computer


            The replication house adds their licensed copy protection software to the file you send them before creating the glass master (this is the same as is done for a commercial movie disc you buy or rent)


            Such copy protection is, of course, only as good as the (lack of) smarts of the end user... or, stated another way, a Google search will take about 1 second to turn up MANY programs designed to break DVD copy protection

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Even with the Copy Protection, that John T. mentions for a replicated DVD, there are ripping programs, all over the Internet, that will allow one to get around that protection. Now, a replicated BD (very, very expensive process) has better Copy Protection, but it just takes a bit more work to by-pass even that.


              I feel that the best that one can do is to have a © notice (often referred to as the "FBI Warning"), and instruct the viewer that they may NOT copy any of the images, without specific, written permission. One is then entrusting the viewer, but at least they have been informed.


              Good luck, and I'll have to investigate the Copy Protection in ProShow more closely. I have been looking at Producer for big SlideShows (I use PrPro now for those, and it works well for my purposes), but was unaware that ProShow had any Copy Protection, but maybe that was because I was not looking for it. Time for me to do some research, to see what scheme they employ.



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                endfreq Level 1

                Thanks for the advice everyone.


                I know that the protection Proshow has is limited by how savvy the user is and all of our products come with a copyright notice and guidlines for usage.


                Are there any freeze issues or program conflicts with Premiere?


                I like the capability of Proshow and it's user-friendly enough but it freezes in the middle of adding photos sometimes and I lose all the work I've done (even if I saved prior to the crash).

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Well, it of course depends on your computer and how clean and well tuned it is.


                  But, generally, if you keep your photos no larger than 1000x750 pixels and make sure your project specs matches your video footage, you'll have no problems.

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                    VDOSurfer Level 3

                    If you have a workflow that is not too demanding, there will be no freezes or any inconvenience of any sort! It depends as Steve mentions, on the machine, the clips that you are trying to use, the number of tracks, the available memory, the effects etc. But you should try it before deciding ..