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    "an internal error occured", acrobat reader X


      I have Windows 7, running 64  bit.


      Recently I tried to download a PDF file, and the message "an internal error occured" came up.  The website that I tired to download it from then wants to shut down.  I tired to download another pdf file from an email and I get the same thing, "an internal error occured".


      I have scanned my computer for viruses, uninstalled and reinstalled reader X, have also tried to repair it.  NO change.  I have seen similar threads, but the responce was not helpful and did nothing for my problem.  That thread remains unanswered.


      About 4 weeks ago, I had a problem with my wife's account no being seen on start up, and fixed it after scanning and removing a virus.  Not sure if this problem has started since then.


      Any help direction would be appreciated.