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        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

        You're welcome to discuss this on this forum, of course.


        But if you are serious about wanting to see these new features, you should contact Adobe, per Bill's Tip:



        BTW, Bezier keyframes are already available in Premiere Elements. They have been since version 1.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          As Steve points out, there are Bezier Keyframes in PrE, though not as many variations (or with quite as much control, as with PrPro), but I strongly agree with you on Sequences. However, I can see where they would appear in PrPro, which costs ~$600 more, than PrE.


          My additons (have filed Feature Requests for a few versions now) would be:


          • Custom Presets, like the Desktop Preset (almost all attributes adjustable) in PrPro
          • A drag-n-drop (the Clip in the Project Panel to the New Icon for a new Sequence) for Sequence Preset. Obviously, Sequences would be needed for this to work like in PrPro, but a possible design workaround would be to allow one to do a "generic Project," but then when the Source Files have been Imported, the actual Project would be created, based on the attributes of THOSE files.
          • Track Locking
          • More non-Auto Effects


          That's all that spring to my mind for now, but am sure that if I look over my old Feature Requests, I will see more.


          Realizing that a much more expensive program, like PrPro, can certainly contain more features (and it should), I feel that some of the above could be implemented in PrE. Still, for a $100 program, it is very powerful and pretty full-featured.


          Thanks for starting this thread, and for all, if you have something that should be added, or changed, please fill in the Feature Request form, so that Adobe will know what users want.




          PS - changing the GUI back to like it was in PrE 3, and very similar to PrPro, would be a plus for me, but probably more PrE users like the streamlined interface - evident when many PrE users move to PrPro, and show up in that forum, hating the PrPro GUI, with none of that streamlining. Those converts also hate the lack of some of the animation, etc. Presets in PrPro, but I like the power of doing such operations by hand, so do not agree there.