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    Security during development

    dave cragg Level 2
      I've been developing a project on Windows that has been running fine, both when run from Flex builder or when deployed on a web server. I just installed the Mac OS X beta, and was unable to run the same project from Flex Builder on the Mac. The problem is that an httpService that uses a relative url (url="assets/config.xml") causes a fault. (#2148: etc., etc.... Only local-with-filesystem and trusted local SWF files may access local resources.)

      I thought perhaps it was a bug on the Mac version, but then realised I didn't really understand why it was working on Windows. When run from Flex Builder, the relative url is a local file. But I just assumed that Flex Builder was emulating the behavior of a web server, and so it behaved as it would when deployed on a server. After getting the error on the Mac, I'm now not so sure my assumption is correct.

      Can someone confirm what should happen in this case, or whether there is a setting in Flex Builder to change the behavior? (I'm pretty sure I didn't change any settings in Windows.)