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    Cannot import entire dvd into premier elements 10


      I am having problems importing and entire dvd that was recorded on a mini-dvd camcorder into premier elements 10.  My OS is windows 7 64 bit.  I have read thru these forums for hours and have not come across anything that will resolve the problem.  Yes, the files on the dvd are a combination of vob, ifo and bup files.  When I try to import media from the finalized disc or from the camcorder itself, I get the same results.  It will import maybe 9 minutes of a 30 minute dvd.  I did read on one of these threads to try and combine the files using command prompt.  There is a total of 4 vob files, and when I combine them using the command prompt, the first two files copy and then I get an error message saying "cyclic redundancy check" and the whole process stops.  I can play the the entire dvd on windows media player with no problems.  I have also contacted tech support and the person I spoke with could not help me at all.  I gave her access to my computer and she said everything looked good to run Premier Elements 10, she was not sure why I was having problems.


      All I am trying to do is pull a couple of single clips from the mini-dvd and burn them to a dvd.  I don't even need the sound, just the clips.  I can also tell you that the mini-dvd I am trying to import has 66 individual clips on it.  I just need 2 or 3 of them.  It seems like this should not be such a complicated process.... 


      Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you started your project, did you select the settings for Hard Disk Camcorder? This is very important.


          Did you place the disc in your computer's disc drive and then use the Media Downloader in Premiere Elements (Get Media/From DVD Camcorder or PC DVD Drive) to rip the files to your computer?


          Is your C drive clean and defragmented? Are you copying your video to a drive other than your C drive?


          The more details you can give us describing the steps you're taking, the more likely we'll be able to help you.

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            mtranch Level 1

            Thanks so much for the quick response.


            When I start my project I do have the Hard Disk Camcorder setting selected.  I did clean the C drive and defragment as well.  I put the finalized disc into my computer's disc drive and used the Media Downloader in Premiere Elements; selecting the Get Media from DVD Camcorder or PC DVD Drive.  I get the same results.  Only a small part of the dvd is being imported.   I am not copying to any other drive.  The camcorder the discs are coming from is a Panosonic VDR-D220.  I have also tried to plug the camcorder into the computer via USB and import the media with all the same steps mentioned above with the same result.   


            When I look at the info. on the disc, it shows 15 files.  The files are a combination of vob, ifo and bup.

            They are listed like this:

            video_ts    bup file    18kb

            video_ts.ifo   ifo file   18kb

            video_ts      vob file   166kb

            vts_01_0    bup file    14kb

            vts_01_0.ifo  ifo file    14kb

            vts_01_0      vob file   51,538kb

            vts_02-0    bup file    16kb

            vts_02_0.ifo   ifo file  16kb

            vts_02_0    vob file    275,850kb

            vts_03_0   bup file    32kb

            vts_03_0.ifo   ifo file  32kb

            vts_03_0    vob file    1,025,046kb

            vts_04_0  bup file     14kb

            vts_04_0.ifo  ifo file   14kb

            vts_04_0   vob file     16,278kb


            I am not sure if all that info helps or not.  If there is something else I can tell you, please let me know. 

            Thanks for your help.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The VOB files are the ones that you want. Each contains the MPEG-2 data streams. The IFO (Info) and BUP (Backup) files are to instruct a DVD player, or DVD playing software, how to play the VOB's.


              Not sure why you are getting truncated files though. One thought (but the math does not work for me), is that each VOB can only be ~ 1GB, so the MPEG-2 file will be segmented over however many VOB's is required. Also, the first VOB contains any Menus, or navigation, so that segment of the MPEG-2 stream will likely be a bit shorter. As this material comes from a camera, I would expect any Menus and navigation to be very rudimentary, and NOT take up much space in the first VOB, unlike an authored DVD, that might actually fill up that first VOB with Menus and navigation (that is why one is limited to a total of 1GB for ALL Menus - it's got to fit in that first VOB). Still, the MPEG-2 content of that first VOB should be longer than ~ 9 mins., at least by my calculations. Not sure what is happening, but maybe Steve has seen this, and will have some useful ideas for you.



              Now, I do see that your first VOB is smaller, and I was calculating with it at the full size of ~ 1GB, like your VOB 3. Not sure why VOB 1 and VOB 2 are smaller files, but have to admit that I have never worked from material shot on a mini-DVD camcorder, so that might be normal. Again, others should be able to help you.


              Good luck,



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                VDOSurfer Level 3

                Can you copy the required vob files to the hard disk and then try to import that into PrE? I know that it should not be a necessary step, since there is a Video importer in PrE. Just to see if this works.

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                  VDOSurfer Level 3

                  Just an afterthought.


                  The vob files require conforming, indexing etc. which means that there are additional files generated everytime a vob is imported. And it is these "additional files" that are actually used when you think you are editing the vob. You should see this in the lower right corner of the app where these events are shown. For these files to be created, there needs to be enough space in the HDD where the media cache is located. (Media cache preferences are in Edit->Preferences->Media Cache)


                  If this space is not available you may run into these issues.

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                    Larry Beck Chicago

                    I too have this same problem.  Same OS also.  Oddly, when I use an older version - PE 7 on a Vista OS, the problem disappears.