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    Variables Will Not Send to .CFM In IE? Any ideas?

      Passing variables out of Flash to a .cfm file using Internet Explorer. I've tested here on my local Mac OS X ColdFusion server -- and it works fine. Using Safari. When I test at my associate's office on their Windows NT/ColdFusion server -- using IE PC -- it doesn't seem to pass the variables to the .cfm file.

      I did some testing over there to narrow down the issue to the Flash file. (If I pass the variables through the URL to the .cfm file (trackusers.cfm?userID=1&userGrade=100&...), the .cfm file does what it is supposed to.) So it does appear that it is the SWF. The actionscript at the end of the file is:

      if (userID) {
      userPath = settings.moduleResults;
      userGrade = "100";
      loadVariables("trackusers.cfm?userPath=" + userPath + "&userID=" + userID + "&userModule=" + moduleID + "&userGrade=" + userGrade, "");

      Again, this all works fine here for me -- using Safari on a Mac. But not for the client. Any ideas?

      I tried using GET or POST first. GET didn't work well and POST passed everything to the .cfm file.

      Thank you for any help you can provide!!! I'm stumped...