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    After effects 5.5 crashing on previous work




      I have had this problem for about 2 weeks now and I think i have tried every 'fix' i can find on the internet.


      i'll talk you through what i do and what happens...


      I load up after effects


      I open a previous project that i created on the same after effects on the same computer about 3 weeks ago.


      Sometimes the file opens but the moment i move anything it crashes, no error message. just 'not responding' and i have to task manager and end the program to close it.


      Other times i can manage to click the add to render queue and i can even change the settings, but i have literally tried every setting about 5 times each.


      The program still crashes. its not just this file, 2 days ago i accepted that it wouldnt work and i decided to try making a new scene (not using the same footage).. half way through, i scrub the ram preview and it crashes again.


      My computer cost me £1000 (approx) i added another 8gb (12 total) of ram and put in an nvidia card... i did all of this at the start of septeber and i did it for the sole purpose of using after effects to build up my portfolio... but now its been a massive waste unless someone has a solution!


      any questions, feel free to ask, and all advice will be taken on board and i will be very greatful!