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    Problem exporting Video


      Hi I'm hoping someone may be able to help me.

      I have used final cut pro for years but as a result of becoming totally disenchanted with the latest version, FCPX I have swapped over to premier pro CS 5.5. I really like it. However I am unsure about why my exported video is not playing properly..

      By that I mean when it plays back as a .mov file it has 'glitches' in it. It jumps and flickers and has what look like thick stripes appear on it from time to time.


      I am by no means an expert so I will try and describe my process as best I can.

      my computer is a Mac 5. I use snow leopard. My version of Premiere is new and legit!


      I am editing a video for a client. The video was shot in XDCAM - Sony.


      I transferred the footage to my computer via the Sony software XD CAM transfer. It converted it to .mov files.

      I imported these in to Premiere.

      I edited as usual.


      When it came to exporting the file this is where I get a bit lost.


      In FCP I would always export a QuickTime file to a set size.


      I have tried exporting this movie in the 'Quicktime format' 'Video' codec. It looked terrible.

      I then tried the HVR 1080p30 codec..it looked terrible.

      Now I am trying the XD CAM HD 1080p30 codec thinking perhaps that's what I am supposed to do, and then I convert that via the Sony software to a regular QuickTime?


      I'm sorry if I sound stupid!


      I have not edited XDCAM footage before so I'm really not sure what to do.


      I really appreciate if someone could help me out.