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    "Comment" and "Share" --  No Way To Remove?!?!


      I recently allowed my Adobe Reader to update by mistake and now am stuck with those hideously oversized eye-sores in my navigation pane.  For some reason (laziness, inconsiderate, who knows?) those "Comment" and "Share" buttons cannot be simply removed from view.  Searching online the only fix I found is with the registry keys (Such a hassle for something that the user should be able to simply enable/disabled) though it only works for "Share" and not "Comment".


      For the time I found a replacement pdf reader and will be back to check if there is a real answer to the issue (A similar post on this forum was marked as "Answered" though it actually isn't...), else I'll have to uninstall as it's just such an eyesore and so unnecessary.  Though I will laugh if someone says there is an update that addresses the issue, lol...