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    Invalid site certificate warning when updating to v 11 via Settings Manager box


      Some months ago I received a Flash Player update notification which I activated & this resulted in a Flash Player Settings Manager box being added in to my Control Panel.

      It has headings "Storage", "Camera and Mic", "Playback" and "Advanced".

      My Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 did not flag any problem with this.

      I have been running Flash Player version up to today when I received an update notification.

      Being ultra cautious, I did not click on the install button from the notification but instead went to the Settings Manager box in my control panel and used the update facility from there having first gone to the Adobe.com web site & checked what was the latest version (

      When attempting to download the update from the Settings Manager box, I got an error message saying that the web page certificate had been issued to a different page and that I should not continue.

      As a result of this I aborted and instead went direct to the Adobe.com web site downloads page and manually downloaded the latest flash player from there without any difficulty or warning.

      I am running Windows XP pro with all the latest updates in conjunction with IE8

      My Kaspersky Internet Security has not warned of any problems during weekly scans with the Flash Player Settings Manager box installed in my control panel.

      I obviously wish to know if the Flash Player Settings Manager box in my control panel is some form of scam that I need to remove (if so advice on the correct procedure would be welcome) or if there is some problem within the Adobe site that is causing the certificate error message when using the link from this box.

      Unfortunately I cannot provide screen shots of the problem as I have now got the latest version as described above (and it is correctly reflected in the settings manager box).

      I am not an expert on computers so plain english responses would be most appreciated.

      Many thanks