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    Flash Player partial installation - help, please!


      Hi Everyone -


      Can anyone please help with this? Last week I attempted to install Flash Player 10.3.181 (I think that is the tree). All went well until a message came up stating that Settings Manager was still open and that I should close it and try again. At this point a partially installed file was left on my PC. The partial install won't run, and it has overwritten the earlier version. It's a secure file, and it won't allow me to delete it. I've tried using Unlocker, and that won't work either. I can't get to Settings Manager because that needs Flash Player. Further attempts to download result in the same loop taking place - frustrating is a polite way of putting it! I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and Internet Explorer 8. I've just tried downloading version 11, and that gives exactly the same error. Has anyone else come across this problem?