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    Flash Player 11 Installation with Internet Explorer 9


      OK, I know there are alot of discussions on this already, but I have tried all the suggestions with no luck.  I have just got my PC back after a full restore, 32 bit Windows Vista.  I have installed the new Internet Explorer 9 and wasn't surprised when it told me to install the latest version of Flash Player.  I tried to install and got the message to close Internet Explorer which I had already done.  I managed to sort that by going to Task Manager and closing an iexplore.exe process that appeared to be stuck.  When I go to adobe.com it tells me that I have the latest version ( installed, but when I try to view videos on IE9 it tells me that I still do not have Flash Player! I have restarted, checked the things that have been suggested in other posts and still  not having any luck!

      Suggestions please????