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    DW8 to CS5?

    harvey waxman

      I'm not a developer but a user who has a few websites to maintain.  I started with DWMX (Mac) and now use DW8. Are there important reasons to move to CS5.  eg. Better, more acceptable code, new features unavailable in 8?



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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Better, more compliant code would be more accurate.  Also it's the last chance for you to upgrade.  Adobe only allows you to upgrade 3 versions beyond the one you have.  And with an upgrade cycle that averages up to 18-24 months that means you only have to make one upgrade every 5-6 years.  So once CS6 is announced and moves into the store you have to pay full price again for a new license.  Personally for that reason alone I think you should upgrade.

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            harvey waxman Level 1


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              MurraySummers Level 8

              When/if you upgrade, be prepared for a bit of a learning curve.  Not only has much changed on the web since DW8 days, much has also changed in DW.  Some (many?) of your old methods either won't work or require a different approach.  I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't upgrade, but you should also be prepared for a different environment when you do.  DW is much more CSS-centric, and much more valid-code-centric.

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                harvey waxman Level 1

                Thanks. All good to know.