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    flying words for titles

    novaboy5 Level 1

      Hello Group,

      I'm trying to recreate the Mary Tyler Moore Show titles for a comedy video.

      I can only seem to get the individual letters to fly onto the screen one at a time.  I need to have the complete words fly on in three sections

      MARY     TYLER    MOORE


      I'v included a youtube link below.


      I would also like the titles to scroll like they do in the original but I'm not sure on that either.


      Steve G.  If you read this, please direct me to your site so I can order your books asap.   Thanks!






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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Thanks for supporting the books, Michael!


          My basic books can be found at http://Muvipix.com/pe10.php


          And my special effects book can be found at http://Muvipix.com/CoolTricks


          To create the effect you want, you'll need to create three separate titles, each on a video track above the other. You can then apply Scale and Position keyframes to each.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The Mary Tyler Moore Title would be done as several Titles. Each would be Keyframed for the Fixed Effects>Motion>Position and Motion>Scale. Initially, this would be three separate Titles, with each word comprising one.


            The Keyframeing of Motion>Position would be similar for each, with only the horizontal Position changing (as the words are evenly spread across the horizontal), the vertical Position, once done, would be Copied and Pasted (Paste Attributes) to each. There is also Scale being done, and it would be the same for each one-word Title.


            All three Titles woud be placed on the Timeline, one above the other, i.e. Video Track 1, Video Track 2 and Video Track 3. I would create the Keyframing for Motion>Position and Motion>Scale (starting smaller, and growing) on the first Title, "Mary." Then, I would Copy that Tile, and Select the other two Titles, then Rt-click on them, choosing Paste Attributes. Note: at this point, all three words will be atop each other on both axes, horizontal and vertical. Go into the first and third Title, and adjust their horizontal Position, to locate them across the horizontal in a spread. Now, the three words will start smaller, and grow, plus fly onto the screen from the same off-screen position and at the same speed (you could have them fly in at the same speed, and from the same spot, or, if desired, come in from different positions, off-screen).


            The psycadellic cloned Titles would each be a separate Title, and again, you would use Motion>Scale and Motion>Position to get them to expand, both up and down, from behind the first three Titles, Mary, Tyler and Moore.


            Steve does a great job of explaining working with Keyframes, and he'll tell you that it takes longer to write about Keyframing, than to do it. Once you get the particulars from his book, with a little practice, you will be Keyframing most of your Titles. Remember too, almost all Effects can be Keyframed to change over Time. Basically, Keyframing is just 3D animation, but not 3D in the sense that we normally think of it - instead of the "depth" dimension, we are doing 2D, but over Time (the third dimension here). Once the concept is absorbed, it will become very easy to do.


            At this stage, I would create a New Project, with ONLY the Titles, and just experiment on Keyframing the Fixed Effects, and then any other, such as Blur, to get what you want. There are almost no limitations, other than your imagination. Once you have your Titles down, just Export/Share from that Project, and Import that Clip into your actual Project, dragging it to the beginning of your Timeline.


            Good luck, and have fun - Keyframing is a very, very powerful tool.



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              novaboy5 Level 1

              Hi Steve, is you combo book the full book of photoshop elements and premiere or are they shortened versions?






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                novaboy5 Level 1

                Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed response.  I really appreciate that.


                Sounds exciting but a bit daunting too.   Can't wait to try it.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Focus on the excitement. I promise that the "daunting" part will fade very quickly. As soon as you get comfortable with the Effects Control Panel (I find this the easiest place to do any Keyframing), gather up the concept of Keyframing over time, and have experimented a bit, it will become second nature. Do not hesitate to experiment, and that is why I suggested just working on the Title part, as a separate Project. That way, if things go wrong, and a couple of Undos, does not get you back where you want to be, you are not affecting your main edited Project in any way.


                  I'd also recommend doing a series of Save_As operation, as you get closer to what you want. Just increment them, so that you have Mary_T_Moore_001, 002, 003, etc., as you work. Then, should you get into a mess, you can just Exit that Project, and Open an earlier one, with much of the work done.


                  Also, with a little planning (and an understanding of how Keyframes work), and then Copy and Paste Attributes, you can save a lot of repetitious work. Even when I am going to need unique attributes for some of the Titles (like the horizontal Position of your three main Titles), having all Keyframes in the exact place, over time, with most attributes set, as needed, saves me time. I then just go into each, and adjust the one attribure (horizontal Position), as needed.


                  Good luck,



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    And, yes, the combined book contains the complete Premiere Elements book.