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    Usability of Adobe DE


      I am using Adobe DE for preparing for a certificate where some of the literature is provided in crippled PDF-format, that seems only be readable with this strange piece of software.


      Since I am reading on a 17'' display, it should be possible to read the content on a "double pages"-view. But since the reader displays double pages only in a fixed zoom range (with a huge and useless margin), I would like to change the zoom ratio. When I try to change the zoom ratio, this nice piece of software flips back to a single page. Is there any hint, how to change the zoom ratio, to focus on the essential part of a book, the text, when it is displayed in the "double-paged" view?


      Thank you,

      P. Koester


      Well, probably I don't have to mention, that IMHO this piece of software is exactly the opposide from user-satisfaction, that I am used to receive with open source software. Setting up the Windows VM only to use this Adobe product made me remembering, why I moved to Linux 6 years ago: It is the focus on my needs as a user and the saving of my freedom. Leaving out the feature given above would simply be impossible in a free software ..

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          Let's start at a different point in your scale of experience.


          Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is designed as a library management and display

          system for epublications on either Windows or MAC.  It is not designed to

          run with Linux.  So, as you point out, if you want to use it, you have to

          simulate Windows or a MAC on your Linux system.  That can cause limitations

          you don't see, because not all Windows functions are supported in the VM

          you're using.


          Next up, ADE was designed to comply with the specifications set out in teh

          1990's, when the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000 was being

          formulated, so it's a bit older than you might think.  Regardless of updates

          over time, it still has certain design points that may - or may not -

          function as you'd like it to.


          The formats ADE works with are primarily .epub and a LIMITED subset of .pdf,

          which is described in its documentation.  Don't assume that ADE will do

          everything you'd like it to just because it handles some forms of .pdf

          files.  In addition, please remember that you're assuming features that you

          think should be there, but from what you've said, I'm not sure you have

          taken the time to find out what it can - and cannot - do from the

          documentation available.


          And ADE isn't the only .pdf reader you could use.  I'm not sure whether any

          of the other ereaders can do what you want either.  But, you can take a look

          at Bluefire and Overdrive software to see whether they're a better choice

          for you.  If there's a similar product for open source, then you could try