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    Usability of Adobe DE


      I am using Adobe DE for preparing for a certificate where some of the literature is provided in crippled PDF-format, that seems only be readable with this strange piece of software.


      Since I am reading on a 17'' display, it should be possible to read the content on a "double pages"-view. But since the reader displays double pages only in a fixed zoom range (with a huge and useless margin), I would like to change the zoom ratio. When I try to change the zoom ratio, this nice piece of software flips back to a single page. Is there any hint, how to change the zoom ratio, to focus on the essential part of a book, the text, when it is displayed in the "double-paged" view?


      Thank you,

      P. Koester


      Well, probably I don't have to mention, that IMHO this piece of software is exactly the opposide from user-satisfaction, that I am used to receive with open source software. Setting up the Windows VM only to use this Adobe product made me remembering, why I moved to Linux 6 years ago: It is the focus on my needs as a user and the saving of my freedom. Leaving out the feature given above would simply be impossible in a free software ..