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    Can't install Flash Player or Reader, PERIOD.


      Well I recently had a REALLY nasty trojan on my home (and only) computer and just had to reformat my harddrive because it was just THAT bad.  These things happen, etc, so I re-installed all of my drivers, you know the drill, I'd imagine.


      I'm running Windows XP (the home edition) 32 bits with Service Pack 3.  If any additional information is required, I'll do my best to provide it.


      My problem is that I can't download Flash Player (or Adobe Reader, but perhaps I should start a seperate thread for that - however, I suspect that the problem has a common cause).  Every time I try to, I get the error message "Failed to Initialize".


      First I followed every single trouble-shooting step on the Trouble-shooting page.  I removed Adobe Reader 6 point . . . something - whatever it was that was on my recovery discs.


      I am running Internet Explorer 8 (again, the 32 bit version) and Firefox . . . 7?   The newest one, anyway.


      At first I suspected the culprit could be my new antivirus software - BitDefender 2012.  I tried to disable it first - nothing - just the error message.  I went so far as to un-install it, attempt to download Flash Player and Adobe Reade, got the exact same error message, and re-installed my anti-virus software because, well, leaving it off just didn't make sense.


      I've been able to download Google Chrome (which comes with Flash Playter, of course), but that's a stop-gap solution at best.  I want Flash Player on ALL of my browsers (and I want Adobe Reader, too).  My little brother is autistic and he uses it to play various little games and things on NickJr.com or PBSkids.org with Internet Explorer.  Not to mention it makes accessing Youtube or whatever else a colossal pain when Chrome isn't my preferred browser (not that there's anything WRONG with it, I just want the option of using the others).


      This is driving me absolutely up the wall.


      I thank you in advance for any assistance,