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    flash player add-on problem on ie


      when surfing on the internet in most of the websites i am getting this msg in internet explorer information bar up there saying " one add-on for this website did not work, check your security setting under internet settings for possible conflicts " ( i translated the msg from my language to english so it doesnt saying this exactly ). I am using windows xp home edition and internet explorer 8..i dont get this msg when i open the ssame website using firefox..and i dont get this msg when i uninstall flash player completely so it must be a conflict flashplayer working on internet explorer... my security setting under internet setting are all set to default....any ideas to fix this problem ? i can watch videos on youtube and elsewehere but this warning beep voice and msg really makes me sick..btw there is no way to download and use older flashplayer versions ? i did not have this problem with previous versions..