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    Flex Full Screen




      I was hoping to add some functionality to my application to enable the user to open it in full screen mode to free up some real estate. Getting to full screen mode is working fine but I was a bit surprised to see that all keyboard interaction (bar the esc function) is disable in full screen mode.


      Out of curiosity, whats the rationale behind this? Is it a security issue? Can people be tricked into not being able to close full screen or something?


      Is this configurable?


      Its a bit annoying. Flex is for building RIA's, most of which would require user interaction. The keyboard is a major source of interaction. SUrely it would have been better to solve whatever problem requires this "hack" in favour of just disabling the functionality?!?!

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          It is security.  People can get fooled into typing their passwords if you overlay a TextField in the right place on the screen.

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            Fatlog Level 1

            Had a feeling it was that. Its a real shame in my opinion that instead of trying to overcome the issue in some way, the functioanlity is instead removed.

            I had a bit of a look around and Silverlight for example has a "trusted" sites option. Surely something like that would be better than just an alomost blanket disabling of keyboard functionality. Like I said flex was built with user interaction in mind. Granted it runs on the flash player which also serves other purposes but...

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              artguate Level 2

              A fullscreen Air app will accept keyboard input.


              If I remember correctly, the "trusted sites" thing is an: Internet explorer / Windows thing, so I guess it won't be very helpfull out of that enviroment.

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                Fatlog Level 1

                Thanks but an AIR app isn't really an option in this case.


                Its just a shame really. Would have been very handy.

                Like I said, I can understand the issues involved but disabling the functionality is (in my opinion) not really a solution...


                Thanks all anyway