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    scrollPane scrolling

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      Is there any way to capture the event when a user stops scrolling a scrollPane component. Right now I have actions set to take place when my scroll listener hears the user scrolling, but i have no way of stopping them once they let up/release the scroll bar. I thought to use an onRelease but that turned the entire thing into one big button that didnt let you scroll at all.
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          You can use "_xmouse" and "_ymouse" to determine if the mouse position is over scrollbar, and than to use "onMouseUp" function... the only idea I have.
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            Its kind of dumb how they have when that broadcasts when scrolling is going on but not one directly when its stops.
            Thanks for your help.
            Heres what i used:
            _root.onMouseUp = function () {
            if (_xmouse>=0 && _xmouse<=555 && _ymouse>537 && _ymouse<558) {
            trace('stop that');