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    Canon .MXF files corruption (MAC)




      I have a major problem with files from SD cards which were used on my Wedding day.

      The first card had all the .MXF, .XML and .SIF files on which I successfully imported into Premiere Pro CS 5.5.


      The second card only had 2 files on totalling 900k. Long story short, I took back to rental company and they had to retrieve the data via a Disk Doctor of sorts. All files seem present and correct, and play in VLC player.


      They DO skip slightly at points but otherwise they seem ok. There are 8 .MXF files, and each one is about 2G totalling 45 mins of footage.


      I have tried several times, and with several of the files, to import to Premiere Pro but all I get is the spinning wheel. Nothing happens. I have also tried Adobe Media Encoder but again, spinning wheel.


      My fears are that the files are damaged, only to be witnessed using the miserable VLC player, unedited, and not suitable for Grandparents etc.


      I would really appreciate any help, as my new wife is likely to kick my *** if the 2nd half of our wedding ceremony is not viewable…