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    Finally able to upload to vimeo BUT!!!!!!!

    cory moon Level 1

      I was able to finally upload my video to vimeo by changing, the limited data rate checked and set to 4000 instead of the 8000 but I noticed it's not as crisp as the original. but I went back and watched the fist video that I saved as a QuickTime setting that was set to 8000 and watched that and noticed some of the same things even though it was a lot more cleaner it still had some blurry pixels or something. I don't know how to explain it unless you see it, it's like when I'm swimming down towards the bottom and it's all blue in the middle of the screen it looks like a big circle of square pixels of the the image you are looking at. KIND OF LIKE A SUN FLAIR. like when you look at the sun with a video camera and then look down that blurred circle you get on the screen. It's not bad by no means but it is not like the original that I made.I shoot my video with the new CONTOUR GPS HD video recorder. and I set the recorder to 720HD  I have the option to use 1280HD but it uses so much of the battery time so the 720HD seem's to work fine. Could this have something to do with it? I just want the best looking video to put on my website and am willing to learn what ever I have to learn to get it right. any help would be appreciated

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That could well be the trade-off for reducing the bit rate.


          Have you considered what we recommended in the other thread -- cutting this piece into two shorter segments?

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            cory moon Level 1

            but as I stated in the post that I went back and watched the first video I converted to QuickTime using the settings you suggested and keeping the frame 1280X720 and having the bit rate at 8000 it had the same flare I was talking about. it was a little crisper but not enough for somebody to notice. the only reason I noticed is because I had the original that I shared with everyone using Photoshop preset.Is QuickTime the best way of uploading to vimeo or can I use one of the other preset's like MPEG or AVI. I used the youtube preset and the video cam out perfect the way the original was. and I know that youtube and vimeo require sort of the same settings so if it comes out that way on youtube then I should be able to archive that result with vimeo.